A few Secrets to a Good E-Commerce Website in 2014

A few Secrets to a Good Website in 20145 Must Haves to Be Running a Successful E-Commerce

You have made the leap to building your site online. Mazel tov! I won’t discuss that you are a tad bit behind schedule, but I am happy that you have finally arrived. Now, it’s not enough to make the choice, educate yourself on how to create the best site for your and for your customers. There are some secrets that I’ve outlined below, that will help you create a successful e-commerce site.

1. Simple Design

Forget all that fancy, flashy stuff that you may have seen elsewhere. The secret to a good site is simplicity and easy navigation. What?! Easy navigation means, your products should be only one click away. Simple design, allows an overview of your product categories, maybe some products and easy access to essential information such as shipping information, return policy and your contact information. The simpler your layout, the less confused your customers will be, and the more likely it is that they will have a positive shopping experience.

2. Be Easy to Reach and Answer

It is more important to ever to have a solid customer service strategy. Set up a contact page on your site, including your phone number, email contact and provide your physical address (if you are a brick and mortar store). Allow your online customers to contact you if need be. This is essential to provide the customer with a sense of trust towards your business. You can also set up a free chat service on your site (Olark is an online chat company and easy to install).

There is another benefit to adding your contact information to your site-the search engines will pick up your address and adjust user search results accordingly. You are more likely to appear in search results by users in your area.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

Your site cannot just be a static site anymore. At this point, if your site is not mobile and tablet friendly, you could lose out on as much as 50% of customers (during the holiday season). A big chunk of people are shopping online using their smartphones or tablets. Make sure that your site design is a Responsive design, which means the design adjusts to any mobile device.

4. Be Active on Social Media

I can’t stress this one enough. You need to create a presence on social media sites. It is essential to your growth, for search engine optimization and customer service. Online shoppers are savvy and talk about your brand everywhere. You want to be able to get involved on those conversations and benefit from them. In case the feedback is bad, you want the opportunity to chime in and resolve any issues.

5.  Create Special Promotions

This one sound simple enough, right? It is. Everyone loves give aways and free gifts. Create contests on your social media sites to grow followers by giving away either gift cards, or credit to your store, or products. Another great way to promote the launch of your site is to get on a site like LivingSocial or GroupOn. You can submit your site to them, and an account manager will contact you to create your special deal.

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