6 Pillars of Marketing

Content Strategy for Businesses

To truly understand and be able to build a successful content strategy, you first have to investigate the main mission of your site. These pillars are all connected and neither can succeed without the other. TAPSIX specialized in developing your site’s content, and connecting your brand’s mission on the world wide net and connecting with your target audience. We strongly believe in quality over quantity.

6.Build trust with content

Great content is king.  Your information doesn’t have to be new, or unique but it has to represent your voice and be engaging. Your perspective, shared through different avenues (videos, blog, email) can solve a gap in information and style out there.  Your personal voice can make a difference. Give consumers a reason to connect with your product and trust your company.  Google rankings prefer trusted sites-if your content seems reliable and rich, your traffic will grow due to organic search traffic. If you focus on building trust – you’re destined to find long term SEO success, as well.

Our great staff of writers can add a colorful array of perspective, tone, style and knowledge for your company that results in ROI!

5. SEO – Real, User Benefiting, Smart SEO

Nowadays you can find supposed SEO experts a dime a dozen. Keyword spaming seems to be their solution to your SEO problems. The reality is that the SEO algorythms change on a regular basis to adjust to one thing: What the user wants. To stay on top of the ranking changes, you have to be able to adapt, and adapt quickly. A combination of trusted content, spreading your message  and thinking about what your visitors want flourishes into a successful SEO campaign. Develop an ability to research a topic thoroughly and use the learnings to develop innovative strategy, products and exceptional content.  We are always testing new strategies to stay ahead of the curve!

4. Social Media Strategy- Spread your message!

A successful social media campaign is multi-faceted and interconnected with your other projects. Not only does it improve your brand awareness, creates a connection between you and the consumer but it has SEO benefits. Spreading your message encourages search engine rankings to rank you well.  The more your products and content are shared, the better you can rank. Not to mention, that Social Media can be a great customer service tool, and a place to actually drive customers. As part of a comprehensive content strategy, social media is  a great customer acquisition and retention tool.

3. Long term planning

Traffic growth, SEO and ROI are a marathon not a sprint. Expect changes to occur gradually.  You cannot create a 30 day content plan and expect your world to change. A comprehensive strategy takes time to fully blossom and grow.  When done right, you cannot fail.

2. E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools.  It’s a great way to proactively communicate with your customers and potential new customers at a low cost. Email marketing has very little production cost (i.e. no postage, no printing). Overall, email communications sent to your prospect and customer lists, can single-handedly improve the ROI of all of your lead generation and customer retention programs.


No matter how you put it, the days of traditional advertising are coming to a close. Loading search engines with paid advertising will only get you so far. You can pay for potential customers to come to your site, but once they are there, are you able to convert them into a paying customer? In this day and age, the options are endless and consumers do their research prior to committing to a purchase with any company.  Your goal is to make your site as resourceful as possible, to ensure the consumer can have all their questions answered on your site. If the consumer leaves your site, the chances of a return is little to none and you have just paid for a useless click.

An active blog with relevant, interesting and fun content builds your brand’s reputation, company reliability, and is essential to a strong SEO strategy.  Google’s algorythm is increasingly focusing on fresh content and site traffic. Without an active blog, you are not going to remain relevant with the most used search engine across the web.

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These are the 6 pillars that TAPSIX incorporates for every content strategy. Stay ahead of the curve and your company will see the benefits.

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