9 Metrics to Monitor & Track Your Mobile App Success

Mobile app analytics that matter

10 Metrics to Monitor & Track Your Mobile App Success

If mobile applications are not everywhere yet, it is only a matter of time before they are. More than half of Americans, now own a Smartphone.  Research has shown, that some retail stores are getting more sales on their mobile apps than their regular sites (via a desktop). It is undeniable that mobile apps are growing in importance. With that, your mobile app success is vital to your companies success.

If you already have a mobile application, here are 9 important mobile app metrics that you need to monitor and measure success or areas of improvement with proper mobile analytics.

You can use the free app analytics tool from Google to track your app’s progress.

9. Number of downloads: No doubt, this one speaks for itself. Are smartphone users downloading your app?

8. Channels of referrals: Where are the users coming from, that are downloading your app? Facebook? Google search? A specific landing page? Track the most successful referral pages and build on them.

7. Number of new users vs active users: So, you got 5,000 downloads of your app, but how many of those 5,000 are actually using the app? Success is not measured by downloads alone, but rather by how active users are and whether they are using the app for what it was meant to do (i.e. shopping, reading, learning …)

6.  Engagement flow and popular app screens: What are your users doing in the app? What pages are they looking at the most? Google app analytics will track the flow of a users behavior in your app. That way, you can decide whether they are following the path you want them to. If they are not, what is the problem?

5. App crashes: How often is your app crashing and on what page is it happening the most? This is a great way to troubleshoot problems with your app, before stop using it altogether!

4. User Loyalty & retention: How often are users launching your app (in a month) and how using it? Is your app “sticky”?

3.  Ad monetization: If you have ads, are people clicking on them? Are they clicking on them because the ad is in the way, or because they want to click on the ad? Important metrics to consider.

2.  In app purchases & sales:  If you have a free app, do you have certain features that require payment? This is an important metric to determine how desirable the paid features are. If you are an e-commerce app, how are your sales?

1. Goal conversion: Whether you are selling something or not, you have to determine a success metric for your app. Assess your goal and whether the app is delivering it to you. Whether it is visiting a specific page, clicking on ads, or buying something-once you have your goal, enter it in the analytics conversion tracker and see whether you are achieving your goal. If you are not, roll up your sleeve and digg through these metrics to see where the problem lies.

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