Don’t Let So Called SEO Experts Play You For A Fool

Check Up on Your SEO Consultant

Last week I met with a new client referral. Upon our first meeting, he told me that his site was supposedly ranking on the number 3 spot of Google search results, but he has never gotten a single call or client to date. He was lost and disappointed. He had been paying an SEO specialist to promote his site for a year now, with no lead generation to date.

I was a little surprised and did a little check on his site, starting with the basics, looking for his meta keywords and description. He didn’t have ANY across the site. Next, I looked into his other digital outreach efforts. His social media had not been active for a while. Nor did he have a comprehensive content strategy. Lastly, I reviewed his Google Analytics account and saw that he has had a measly 500 visits in a 30 day period.

Bewildered, I tried to search for him myself. Not only did he not appear on the first page of Google search results, he didn’t show up at all, on page 2, 3, 4…(I stopped looking after page 4).

It was clear, what was happening here: LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!

I did a quick review with my client, pin pointing the issues and how TAPSIX can boost their SEO utilizing a holistic approach to content marketing. There are no short cuts to search engine optimization. In fact, short cuts can get you into trouble. So, I’ve put together a short list of things you can check to see if you’re SEO consultant is actually delivering on what you are paying for.

In this day and age, you cannot afford to not be ignorant on SEO.

1. If you are not getting any calls, EVER, then you do not have a working SEO strategy

Sound obvious? You’d think so. Guys and gals, dedicate a unique phone number for all of your online efforts. That way, when you do get calls, you know whether it came from your online efforts. If you never have a single call from your SEO or other online campaigns, then your consultant needs to change his/her strategy.

2. Check your site’s traffic

Site traffic is a pretty good indicator for lead generation. In fact, it is essential. The higher your traffic, the higher the likelihood for calls. Once your SEO consultant starts working on your site, you should gradually see an increase in your site traffic. And if you happen to be told that you are appearing on the first page of Google search results, for coveted keyword, then your site traffic should be soaring through the roof. Another indicator, is to check your site referrals–where is your traffic coming from? Is it from a social media site (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) or from a search engine like Google and Bing?

3. There is no sign of any content on your site, or anywhere else

Any honest, strong and successful SEO project must have a strong content strategy, including social media outreach. There is now around it (at least for now!). An interesting, engaging blog discussing topics relating to your industry and what your readers would want to read about, combined with social media integration is an essential part of search engine optimization. So, remember you need a blog with articles that are engaging.  You must share it on social media, and you need reliable link backs. Link backs are a topic for another blog post. Those are only a few of many important factors.


The age of secret SEO tactics is mostly passe! Ask your SEO consultant what he/she is doing. Ask him what he is planning to do, how much of it, and ask for progress reports. If something seems fishy to you, ask him to explain it. And like we do with doctor’s assessments, get a second opinion.

Be wise, educate yourself. Don’t let your SEO consultant play you for a fool! Trust me, if you show some knowledge, you are less likely to taken advantage of.

Be safe and be smart. Good luck!

If you ever have any questions about whether what your SEO consultant is kosher or not, just ask us at TAPSIX! We’ll happy review and provide our assessment. Again, it’s completely FREE!

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