For Faster Results, SEO is not enough

Google Adwords Campaigns Can Yield Fast Results

We all hear about the miracles that SEO can do for your site. And it is true, SEO is a very powerful and free (sort of) way to get traffic. However, it’s not really free, as you have to pay for someone to maintain all the content creation for your site, all the link building and outreach for you. Unless, that is, you are doing it all yourself (like I am!). As businesses are growing online, search engine optimization is more competitive and results are harder to achieve unless you have a strong strategy. Posting on Facebook once a week, and hoping for the best, may have worked a 5 years ago, but it surely doesn’t anymore. For fast results, you need to start investing in a Google Adwords campaign.

Keeping up with content creation, video, and user engagement is still of utmost importance! Don’t get me wrong, but in order to expedite site traffic, leads and converting them into sales faster, a strong pay per click campaign will accelerate the process.

All Google Adwords campaigns allow you to customize your ads by location you want them to appear, how often they appear, what time of day or night they appear, and a variety of ad text with different landing pages. This allows you, to target your audience as specifically as possible.

Google Adwords is one of many pay per click campaigns. You have several different types of campaigns that you can launch, including:

Dynamic Marketing Campaign

The dynamic marketing campaign, allows Google Adwords to go into your site, search the site for all keywords and provide results to users based on their searches. Google will tailor the title of your ad, based on what the user searched for. Here is how ti works:  If you have a product listed with a description of “Green toothbrush”, but the actual title of the product is “Oral B Toothbrush”, based on the search on your site, the Google bots will show the user “Green toothbrush” with a link to your “Oral B Toothbrush” . Here’s another example; If you are a therapist, and have the term “Depression Therapy” listed on your site, when a user searches for depression therapist, Google will recognize that your site has that term, and provide it to the user, automatically.

Google Product Listing Ads

Formerly known as Google Shopping, Google Product Listings, allow you to list your products with images, and they will appear in search results as products with images. It will look like this:


Keyword Campaign

You have the most control of your advertising campaign, using the traditional “keyword campaign”. This allows you to enter specific keywords, that a user enters, and your ad will appear. In a keyword campaign, just like all the others, you can also add “negative keywords”, which are words that a user types and your ad will NOT appear.

Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

This is the most interesting of the many Google Adwords Campaign options. Google provides you with a tag to install on your site. When a visitor is on your site, the tag associates that user with a remarketing list and the product they looked at on your site. When the visitor goes off to another site in the Google display network, your ad will show, using the product information that user looked at on your site. In other words, your ads follow the visitor around on other sites, for a period of time. Sounds pretty awesome, right?

This post doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the possibilities Google Adwords provides you with. Combining a Google Adwords account with Google Analytics, allows you to track where your customers come from, if they called/or placed an order, where they came from, what their demographic is and more. 

Has this peeked your interest? Contact us for a consultation on whether Google Adwords can benefit your business. For a limited time, we are providing all new PPC accounts with a $100 credit towards their advertising budget.


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