Real SEO vs The Fake Stuff

5 Tips for SEO Awareness

I often encounter new clients who have offers from so called SEO firms, that promise them heaven on earth, i.e. to get their site on the top of google’s search engine results, promise to put their company in all search results top pages and then some.

If you are looking to improve your SEO, here are some basic guidelines recommended by the Google team, to be aware of, before trusting over the top, promises.

1. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. No one can guarantee to place your site as the #1 placement for Google search results. This just isn’t possible. The world of search engine optimization is not static, but is constantly evolving and changing. If you rank for a specific keyword in one place, one day, you may not remain on the same rank the next week. Google algorithm change periodically. If a firm makes this promise to you, you will know they are not to be trusted.

2. Ask the SEO firm, what exactly they are planning to do. Some companies create “throw away” domains and with deceptive content. These kinds of pages can harm your site, and completely remove you from Google’s index. Create farmlinks, also can harm your site, more than benefit it. Especially when you are giving them Ftp access to your site, you have a right to know what they are doing.

3.  SEO is NOT about free link backs. A popular thing these random SEO firms offer, are thousands of link backs to your site. They promise to put a link to your site on a variety of random site they create. These kinds of link backs, again, do not benefit your site but can rather hurt you.

4. Organic search results vs pay per click. Some firms will promise to rank you highly in search results, but in reality purchase specific keywords and place you in the ads section (top part of the search results). Google clearly distinguishes between paid advertising and search results. Make sure to ask your SEO firm if they are planning to do pay per click ads.

5. You CANNOT see immediate results. This is one of those empty promises fake SEO firms make. They offer immediate results. There is no way, that your efforts to increase your page rankings, will show sooner than several months down the line. Search engines have to index your changes, google bots have to crawl your new content and place them. As of now, traffic place a big role for your page rank-that is something that comes with time. Make sure to follow your google analytics trends for organic search to see the increase in organic search results. That will be your true guide to an improvement of your efforts.

Creating a good SEO strategy, involves a great deal of quality work for your site. Including a strong content development strategy, keyword strategy, reputable link building with reliable sites, meta tags, and social media involvement, are just the tip of the iceberg.

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