Top 3 Social Media Sites For Your Business

Top 3 Social Media Sites for Your BusinessSocial Media engagement makes an impact on your SEO

I know that many small businesses find social media tedious, but being on social media sites, talking about your business is all about sharing what your business has to offer to interested consumers. It has tons of brand marketing benefits, scores you SEO points for the search engines and allows you to reach out to customers regardless of location.

It’s not enough to have your site initially set up with some SEO basics and then never update it. At this time, social media engagement is a vital part of SEO. Search engine optimization requires constant maintenance to ensure you remain relevant to the search engines and appear in search results. When you are sharing your expertise, on Facebook or Twitter, search engines such as Bing and Google add your comments to the search mix and help you get found easier. Your Business SEO success depends a great deal on social media sites.

Additionally, many consumers search for business social media sites to learn about you. They like to read reviews, see what you activity level is, if you are in fact still in business (!), or ask you questions. Not to mention, when you are engaging on social media, you are facilitating engagement with your product.

Start slowly, and focus on the vital 3. The social media must haves. Dive into these 3 top social media sites for your business:


Top 3 Social Media Sites For Your Business - TAPSIX

Yes, this one was obvious. Facebook is among the strongest social media sites out there. Post status updates, post pictures of your products and services and share interesting information relating to your industry for consumers (for example; if you are a physician’s office, share interesting articles on staying healthy!).

2. TWITTERTop 3 Social Media Sites For Your Business - TAPSIX

Duh, maybe this one was pretty obvious too. We all hear about Twitter, but do we all use it? Sharing short and interesting factoids relating to your business, your office, your staff and your industry with visuals (add pictures), can increase your site traffic.


Top 3 Social Media Sites For Your Business - TAPSIX

Ok, some may argue whether this, but; If it is important to you to get ranked prominently on Google search results, then you need to become a Google+ expert, fast! People may not love Google+as much as Facebook or Twitter, but Google gives Google+ precedents over any other social media site, I have come to see.  Kinda obvious, no? They want you to use their product.

You can see leading tech sites like, Mashable, highlighting these 3 social media sites (see upper right corner). There are more social sites that make an impact, like LinkedIn and Pinterest. Nevertheless, the 3 mentioned need to be your first stop before looking at others. Don’t delay, engage with the top 3 social media sites for your business. Get on the bandwagon.

If you can’t wrap your head around all of this, contact TAPSIX. I’ll be happy to help you get on the right track. Let’s make a connection. 

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